Services Detailed

For all your essential fire suppression needs and full custom applications, Peifer Fire Protection, Inc. is your partner to protect life and assets.

  • Sales and Service of Handheld/Portable, Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

            Our fleet of mobile service trucks and our PaFed and NAFed certified technicians can service your industrial and commercial needs at                   your location throughout Central PA. We maintain computerized tracking and service records of all your fire extinguishers

  • Sales and Service of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

            Suppression system installation to fit your schedule avoiding costly down time

  • Sales and Service of Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

            Paint Spray Booth, Duct Work, Overhead and Tank Side

  • Sales and Service of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

           Server Rooms, Microwave Towers, Engine Test Cells, Records Storage rooms, Bank Vaults, CAT & MRI Control Rooms

  • Sales and Service of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

           Mass Transit, Armored Transports, Off-Road Vehicles

  • Sales and Service of Exit and Emergency Signage and Lighting

          A complete line products plus installation

  • Inventory

          Our inventory consists of a complete line of Amerex Fire Protection Equipment

  • Hydrostatic Testing of High Pressure Cylinders

          Our facility is D.O.T. certified for Testing of all sizes of cylinders including SCBA and Cascade

  • Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

          To meet OSHA requirements, on your job site, with custom hours